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      Filtered Water Coolers News Feed — How to manage your water cooler

      How To Manage Your Water Cooler

      How To Manage Your Water Cooler

      When it comes to office Water Coolers, you may find that you have some difficulties with maintenance, without the right information it can be quite timely and frustrating. We thought that it might be useful for you to understand a little more about water coolers to make your maintenance less time consuming and a lot easier. Here are several tips and do’s and don’ts when it comes to maintaining your water cooler at home or in the office.

      Why is The Floor Wet?

      Unfortunately, drip trays do not self empty. We advise to make sure you occasionally check your drip tray as you’ll quite often find that when left to their own devices the drip tray may overfill and therefore potentially leak.(Modern water coolers have in built drainage) It is also vital that you check your pipe work regularly for leaks especially after installation and servicing.


      Is Sunlight Harmful?

      With Bottled Water Coolers, try not to position them in direct sunlight, as you may well know this will enable algae to grow and therefore effect the quality of the water. (Making the bottle appear green) To maintain hygiene, it’s always beneficial to use anti-bacterial spray on your taps/dispensers to prevent the growth of bacteria. Additionally, run Aqua Dosa hydrogen peroxide solution through the tank/reservoir to aid this process.

      It's Time to Service

      Most importantly, make sure that your filters are changed regularly. We advise that internal filters are changed every 6 months to maintain the quality of Filtered Water in accordance with the EDWCA

      Making the Right Choices

      A more obvious tip but none the less an important one – always remember to refill your cup dispenser as the last thing you want is a supply of fresh filtered water and no cup to drink it with! It's also wise to think about turning down your thermostat on occasion to save energy and ultimately save money!

      EDWCA Approved Point Of Use Installation

      So You've Got Our Advice, What Are You Going To Do Next?

      Apply what you've learnt or even tell a friend... Why not even looking into Filtered Water Coolers for more information on Servicing and Installation?


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