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      Filtered Water Coolers News Feed — Soft Drinks from Around the World

      Soft Drinks from Around the World

      Soft Drinks from Around the World


      For those of you looking for something particularly unique and unusual to stock your vending machines, here is a particularly unusual list of soft drinks from around the world that might tempt you! You seriously will not believe some of the flavours out there catered for countries around the world…

      Pepsi White

      Here is one from Japan, reported to have a slightly lighter and sweeter taste than usual with a hint of Yoghurt?! Yes, you heard right, yoghurt flavoured Pepsi. As well as this flavour Pepsi also released Pepsi Red, (spicy) Pepsi Gold, (Ginger) Pepsi Ice Cucumber, Pepsi Blue Hawaii Pineapple & Lemon and so many more…




      With its unusual name, Cheerwine is a soft drink produced in North Carolina since 1917 with a quite noticeable cherry taste and burgundy in colour. It is known for being much more carbonated than other soft drinks and is sold in glass bottles.


      Spar-Letta Creme Soda

      A unique concoction from the Coca Cola Company which is distributed in south Africa and is frequently referred to the name ‘The Green Ambulance’ due to its positive effects on Hangovers! 




      One that is now sold in the UK and all over the world, though what you may not know is that this drink was actually produced in France in 1936. A Sparkling beverage made with fruit juice and definitely one of our favourites!


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