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      Filtered Water Coolers News Feed — The Ultimate Tea

      The Ultimate Tea

      The Ultimate Tea

      Make Tea, The Right Way

      For all those tea drinkers out there, you might want to pay attention as this week’s blog is all about tips on making better tea! How to get the best flavour, the right temperature to brew, how to brew your tea and so much more…


      The Gear

      To get the best flavour from your tea it is suggested that you use a special tea kettle (although it’s not vital!) as it allows you to set the temperature which a traditional kettle would not accommodate for and the option to turn it on and off instantly.



      The Tea Bag

      Though the traditional tea bag is simple and much more convenient you should convert to loose tea as your losing out on so much flavour with tea bags! It is said that an essential requirement of brewing tea is to allow enough room for the leaves to expand whilst a tea bag confines the leaves to a small space thus reducing the overall flavour as it cannot be properly extracted.



      So, How Much Caffeine?

      The amount of caffeine in your cup all depends on how long you leave your tea to steep or in other words, leave your tea leaves to expand before serving. The longer you leave it to steep, the more caffeine will be in your cup.


      Apply what you've learnt or even tell a friend... Why not even look into Filtered Water Coolers for more information on Coffee Machines? Some dispense Tea as well!