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      Filtered Water Coolers News Feed — The Weird & Wonderful

      The Weird & Wonderful

      The Weird & Wonderful

      For all you Coffee Drinkers out there, this one’s for you! Get ready because your about to experience a whole new level when it comes to making a morning brew. You might even find some ideas to take back to the office to tempt your colleagues! We’ll start by listing some of our favourites.

      The Egg Coffee

      Now you may be thinking egg coffee?!! So here goes. To make this coffee you’ll need egg yolk and condensed milk. Whip these together until it becomes thick and creamy. Follow this up with a coffee of your choice and pour over and let it sink to the bottom. The flavour is quite close to that of custard!

      The Cheese Coffee

      A well-known Swedish tradition where cheese is either dipped or served already in the coffee. With milk made from cows, goats or reindeer and cheese found in Finland and northern Sweden. (But we figure any cheese will suffice!) Why not try this at home or in the office?

      The Vanilla Coffee

      This drink will give you a buzz like no other! A mixture of Coca Cola, Torani Vanilla Syrup, and Ice. A drink nicely suited to the warmer weather and something we’ll definitely be trying in the office soon! You should too…

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