Which Is the Best Type of Filtered Water Dispenser for Me?

Which Is the Best Type of Filtered Water Dispenser for Me?

Choosing The Right Machine for You

 Here at Filtered Water Coolers, we love to offer a best range of Filtered Water Systems ranging from mains fed water coolers, under sink to wall mounted boilers and surface mounted to under counter chiller/boiler taps but it all comes down to the environment, your budget and most importantly your preference.

So today we will be providing you with the perfect examples for each type of filtered Water System we offer to suit a variety of Home and Working environments as well as covering the essentials to consider when purchasing or renting your chosen system.

Bolt-On Options to Consider

Manufacturers imagination's have driven the Water Cooler Design Market and allowed the consumer to have access to many convenient features, to make access to drinking water even more safe and hygienic and some even more aesthetically pleasing than normal. 
You can choose from the most basic water coolers with limited features and a basic appearance to the most reputable brands with a range of features to suit all consumers with a more professional appearance. To comfortably budget a machine you need to consider the number of staff it must cater for, the type of water which is mains fed in your area (that is if you’re considering a mains water system!) which will determine the type of filter which you must use and install to keep the water tasting amazing you must regularly service your machine. The WHA recommend your machine is to be serviced every 6 months to maintain the quality of your Filtered Drinking Water.

Please take a look at the list below of extras that you can include on your machine!
Things to consider:
  • Contactless dispensing
  • What do you need to fill jugs/sports bottles/cups
  •  Hot water (upto-92 ) and how many users
  • How fast to fill glass/sports bottle
  • Requirement for Carbonated water
  • Anti bacterial coating (best for public areas)
  • Leak detection (anti flood device)
  • Flood Prevention
  • Under Sink System or Cooler
  • Filter Quality (0.5-10 Micron)
  • Colour of cooler most are Silver or Black also White
  • Integral Drainage with full alarm
  • Direct Chill or Tank Chill
  • Lever Taps or Electronic

Rent or Buy?

Remember, Water Coolers Do Not Maintain Themselves.. If your Comfortable managing your Filtered Water system, we suggest you Buy it! along with Filters which you will need to swap and you'll also have to aqua dose the machine yourself every 6 months or alternatively you can give the responsibility to a trained professional to carry out a periodic hygiene service.
Alternatively, we suggest you choose 'Pay As You Go' maintenance  where you don't have to sign any lengthy agreements. However if you choose to Rent your cooler, everything is included under your monthly payments, so if you'd rather not get your hands dirty this may be the best option for you and your team!

Don't Forget to Choose a Supplier that is Trustworthy and Audited by the WHA

The Environment

Whether it’s for the Kitchen or next to your computer, a table top or floor standing mains fed or bottled water cooler can be installed virtually anywhere, but you must consider whether you wish your machine to be mains fed or bottled. *Personally, we suggest a mains fed system to ensure a constant flow of filtered water as opposed to purchasing bottled water on a regular basis. A boiler or Filtered Water Tap on the other hand is a completely different ball game and will typically be located within a kitchen space.

Your Preference

As a customer, it may even come down to the appearance of the Filtered Water dispenser as with a modern, professional looking office environment, you will want your filtered Water System to follow the same theme. With a variety of brands on sale, we have Filtered Water Systems for you that will suit anything from a car showroom to a household environment with ease.





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