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    P Cross

    1 review

    Great service and Mark was more than helpful

    Published 17 August 2018


    Curtis Assemble and Test Ltd

     1 review

    3M Cartridge

    I needed a replacement cartridge for our drinks dispenser and visited FWC's website. Whilst browsing a text box popped up offering help. As I wasn't sure of model numbers I entered into dialogue and my questions were resolved very quickly. I received a quotation moments later then placed an order. It was about 3 pm.The filter arrived next morning before 10am and was on the machine and working 1/2 later. Many thanks to Sue for her help and knowledge. Would recommend and use again.

     Published Monday, January 16


    Enderbys Of Boston Ltd

    1 review

    New Water Cooler

    Excellent service and aftercare. We have booked 6 monthly services on the basis of how efficient they were. Many thanks.
    Published Tuesday, August 16

    Frank Lee

    1 review

    Aqua Dosa Mini Dosa

    very good service and advice

    Published Monday, January 16



    Water Cooler Accessories

    Get what you need no drama

    Published Thursday, March 30


    AA-First AA4400X Water Cooler


    Just to let you know the water cooler has been installed and the team in Watford are very happy with it.  Result. ( they are a hard to please lot!!!!!!!!!! We will be looking at the demonstration model next week and Will get back to you as to if we wish to purchase more for our London office. As it stands this is a very strong possibility. Many thanks for you very professional service

    Published Thursday, March 30



    Only brought some cleaning wipes but very much wish I'd used this co to buy the water cooler.
    Excellent communication on all levels and very prompt delivery.


    Recommended Company

    The filter has now arrived and I can't thank the staff at Filtered Watercoolers enough for resolving issues with UPS quickly and efficiently. The filter is good, easy to fit and delivers exactly what it says it will do. I recommend them.
    Published 24 April 2017

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