A Guide to the very best Tea and when to drink it.

A Guide to the very best Tea and when to drink it.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of variety of tea that is out there, where each have their own rewards which may benefit you. For this week’s, Tutoring Tuesday, we aim to give you an insight on tea, what varieties to drink, when to drink it and the potential health benefits they have.


The Morning Stretch

For the early morning start, a regular black tea is most suitable. It is rich in natural plant compounds more commonly known as Polyphenols that support heart health and as such drinking around 3-4 cups during your working day may reduce the risk of heart disease by 20%! For the mid-morning break why not try out some liquorice tea, if this is to your taste, whilst containing a mild laxative to ease constipation. It also contains an effective anti-inflammatory to aid in recovery after exercise. So, if you job is physically demanding this may be the one for you. Finally, for breakfast, the Red Bush tea, one of which that is high in antioxidants and will help to reduce cholesterol whilst also easing stomach cramps.


Its Lunchtime! Start off with green tea, which also contains natural plant compounds and caffeine which promote fat oxidation and may help towards people managing their weight. It is also loaded with antioxidants which could lower the risk of cancer. Why not try Ginger tea for a post lunch option as this will help to ease a full stomach due to the relaxant properties it contains. For the early afternoon, go ahead and sample some Ginseng Matcha tea which is ideal for reducing weight and supporting your metabolism as it works to improve your stamina so you may feel less physically drained during this time of the day.


The Final Step

To fulfill your afternoon at work, try Rosehip Tea. Where studies show that it can reduce inflammation in arthritis. Also, high in antioxidants, natural plant compounds & fruit acids to aid to reduce symptoms of kidney disorders and to help with constipation. Finally, for your post-Dinner drink, it is suggested that you try Peppermint Tea where the active ingredients in this is menthol which supposedly ‘calms the gut’ and may aid with symptoms of IBS.  

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