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      Filtered Water Coolers Limited is a privately owned company established in 2010.

      Our success has been made by making it really simple for companies wanting choose a workplace water cooler or instant boiling water system,  our team of experts are on hand to guide you and offer free important advice that will pay off in the long run.

      "Right from the start we want you to know who we are, what we do best , and more importantly how well we are going to do it for you and your company, so that you can make an educated choice.  We know its not just about buying a cooler from the glossy brochure or seeing a great website, things can and do go wrong and we react to these issues, and offer a fully managed service with filters and hygiene maintenance as well as breakdown and free loan machines whilst we make offsite repairs."

      Under the Directive of Mark McDermott (founder) the companies CEO FWC Ltd has kept its focus and position as a UK growth market leader in drinking water solution by providing the highest quality products followed by our after sales care offering consistent excellent service wherever Filtered Water Coolers Limited is operational.  This is managed local by its regional centres within the UK.   All are now contactable via one regional Free phone number

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      Filtered Water Coolers Limited have a reputation for being the innovators of the industry, offering installation and maintenance of mains fed chilled and instant boiling water systems which optimise  the entire concept of refreshing drinking water for you and your staff.  

      Our goal is to provide the very best Mains Fed office water coolers, fountains, integrated or under sink filtration systems dispensing boiling from a single tap.

      More recently instant boiling and integrated taps have become very fashionable both at work and also at home, an this is growing as more staff relocated to work from home offices.

      FWC have introduced a range of systems which offers chilled, sparkling and virtually unlimited boiling water from the minimalistic flush surface mounted Hot spot, Zip hydrotap, in-sinkerator, Billi Taps all hidden under work tops or in kitchen cupboards.

      Filtered Water Coolers offers simple cost effective solutions for your workplace, offices, factories, hospitality areas and HORECA catering environments.   We have many hours of experience from corporate headquarters, leading hotels to Michelin starred restaurants, and service the needs of many of the Midland based leading companies.
      From its inception Filtered Water Coolers Limited has offered purified mains and bottled drinking water systems which provide an environmentally positive alternative to glass bottled mineral or spring waters, a fact which has become a key driver in recent years.
      Filtered Water Coolers will continue to innovate and offer new cost effective solutions to help companies and organisations keep their staff and visitors hydrated with fresh, desirable, healthy solutions with a very sensible budget. email for further help for your businesses.