A Tea a Day Helps you Work, Rest & Play

A Tea a Day Helps you Work, Rest & Play


For this week’s tutoring Tuesday, we’re here to bring you some insightful information on ‘All things Tea’ and more importantly in relation to stress levels, especially at work! You wouldn’t believe the benefits that Tea can bring you, so please, read on….

What Research Shows

Research does in fact show that consuming around 3-4 cups of black tea, daily will help to reduce stress hormones, and thus improve your work efficiency. Polls also show that 59% of Research and Development from a leading Tea Supplier say consumers will opt in to eat cleaner, non-processed foods and drinks such as Green Tea. On the topic of Green tea, which contains natural plant compounds and caffeine. This will help to promote fat oxidation and managing your weight. Additionally, it is also loaded with antioxidants which may help to lower the risk of cancer.


The Fun Facts

Did you know that it does in fact take around 2,000 tea leaves to produce almost half a kilo of finished Tea? It most commonly grows around Asia, where the most flavoursome tea is hand-picked from higher elevations in land. Around 11,000 years ago during the Late stone age, people in the Middle East and Asia were in fact using ceramic tea pots, whilst Tea didn’t even reach us until the 16th century! If you’re looking for a particularly precious and ‘prized’ Tea, look out for Darjeeling (aka the Champagne of Tea) which can be found at the foot of the Himalayas across an area of less than 70 square miles!?  So, prepare to pay up….


Our Suggestions

Whilst everyone has their own methods of making the perfect brew, we think this might be the most suitable way for you. Firstly, ensure that your tea (leaves or tea bags) are stored in a cupboard or pantry in a sealed jar as it absorbs moisture & kitchen smells, which you do not want of course! To dispense the myth of the Milk first or second rule, historically the idea of milk first was to protect the fine bone china from damage that it was served in. So, we’ll leave that one for you to decide. So… once the kettle has boiled and you’ve filled your cup. Allow the Tea bag to brew for at least 2-3 minutes in order to release all the flavour from the Tea bag & then remove. From here it is down to you. You could, traditionally use Milk, Lemon or serve it Black to reduce those unwanted stress levels!!

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