Coffee: Tips & Tricks

Coffee: Tips & Tricks

Coffee: Tips & Tricks

We want you to make better use of your coffee, whether that be working it into your daily routine, storing it, roasting your own Coffee Beans, or even re-using it… yes that’s right. You won’t believe what can be done. Let’s get straight to it, here are some effective tips and tricks when it comes to coffee. Enjoy!

The Cold Brew

With the summer months just around the corner the cold brew is the ideal drink. All you need is ground coffee, water, a coffee filter, milk and of course the fridge or freezer. Serve with ice! It is important you don’t rush the process in making this drink to avoid losing taste. It is suggested that you start this right before you go to bed ready for the morning.


Re-use Coffee Grounds

If you have any left-over coffee grounds be sure to think twice before throwing them away. Turning your coffee ground into a paste like consistency can then be efficiently used to remove odours, pests and be used as a garden compost.

Storing your Coffee

There are a variety of ways to store your coffee, some better than others. It is suggested that you divide your coffee into what you are currently using this week and store in an air tight container or sealed in the fridge and the coffee you are using the following week, store in the freezer!

Now You've Got Our Advice, What Are You Going To Do Next?

Apply what you've learnt or even tell a friend... Why not even look into Filtered Water Coolers for more information on Coffee Machines?
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