Facts about H2O & Hydration

Facts about H2O & Hydration

Our daily intake of filtered water is more important than you think! This week’s blog is all about H20 and hydration, what you didn’t know and how this may affect you. Keep an eye out for some insightful fun facts, some of which may be applicable at work or at home…


Water Around the World

Did you know that water covers roughly 70.9% of the planet’s surface and there is more water in our atmosphere than in all the rivers combined around the world!  The Antarctic currently is covered by 10 trillion tons of snow and ice and finally, 0.007% of the earth’s water is available for fuel and to feed it’s 6.8 billion individuals.

Water at Home

To put some perspective on your daily intake of water for the average person at home here goes; a single person may use up to 50 gallons of water per day, a running toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water per day and a bath can take up to 70 gallons of water whilst a five-minute shower can take up to 25 gallons!

Feeling Thirsty?

Did you know, by the time you begin to feel thirsty, your body already may have lost up to 1% of water and the average human body contains 50-65% water!


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