The Shocking Truth About Hot Chocolate

The Shocking Truth About Hot Chocolate

This may come as a shock to you but Hot Chocolate is in fact Unhealthy?! (To a certain extent) We’re here today to give you the facts and figures when it comes to Hot Chocolate from Vending Machines and the amount we suggest you should drink without going overboard on the Calories!

The Instant Mix

It is a known fact that Vending Hot Chocolate mixes will vary per machine. Some may have a high density of Cocoa powder to improve flavour and overall customer satisfaction and in doing so this enables the supplier to use less cocoa powder per drink. There are also instant Hot Chocolate mixes out there for automatic vending machines.

The Facts & Figures

Of course, calories will vary when it comes to Hot chocolate though on average calories range from 90 to 120 per drink! I think I might start cutting back on the Hot Chocolate from now on… Additionally the total in fat per Hot Chocolate drinks range from around 1.5 to 3.5g where about half of this amount is saturated fat. It’s not all bad! Vending machines produce hot chocolates with a non-significant amount of saturated fat with as little as 10% of your recommended daily limit.

Our Suggestions

So, you may be thinking, why have they produced this just in order to put people off what they are trying to sell… well we believe putting the customer first is the way forward and as a healthy alternative you could always try some refreshing Filtered Water instead….

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