How To Make The Best Cup Of Coffee

How To Make The Best Cup Of Coffee

There's nothing better this time of year than a smooth cup of coffee to elevate your morning at work, I find quite often that the strives of making such a coffee involves that inevitable wait for the one and only kettle in your office kitchen to boil, as well as accommodating for larger staff which can be quite a timely task


Three Secrets on How to Make a Good Cup of Coffee

Ingredients is Key

A great tasting coffee is only as good as the ingredients used to produce it.  For starters, you can invest in fresh Coffee Beans, Ground or Instant, the former is known to be the best when used within weeks of them being roasted. Avoid storing beans in bright light as this is one of the most common flavour busters.


Fridge or Cupboard?

Where is the best place to store your Coffee Beans. To start with, preferably in an airtight container. Let's dispel the common myth; chilling your coffee beans in the fridge will do them more harm than good as they are porous and susceptible to taking in moisture and food odours.

Over 90% Water

Don't forget your drink is made up of over 90% Water. Ensure that you use Quality Sourced Water! Nothing can ruin a coffee more than tap water which is chlorinated and chemically loaded. We Suggest bottled spring water or even activated carbon filters on your tap or water dispenser. However, be wary that softened water can easily ruin a coffee as the Ph balance is altered, with this method sometimes producing an acidic taste which can often be mistaken as 'bitter'. Be aware, never use boiling water as this will burn the bean.

So Now You Know the Three Secrets, Why Not Make Coffee at the Click of a Button Every time...

 Using an Instant Boiling Water System or Instant Hot Tap will give you and your colleagues a quick and convenient method in making the perfect cup of coffee, every time.  At a touch of a button, our Instant Hot Taps will provide you with water boiled to an optimum temperature of 98 degrees, always available within seconds.


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