How To Stay Hydrated

How To Stay Hydrated

Easy, start off the day with a glass of fresh filtered water from your cooler or filtered tap to replenish yourself and replace lost fluids. It might also be a good idea to mark down on a bottle, times and amounts to which you must drink to fulfill that much needed hydration. You might even want to consider installing an app to keep tabs on your hydration! Click Here to find out more.


Eating the right Foods

Consuming the right foods is also vital in remaining hydrated during the day, especially since eating your 5 a day in fruit and vegetables will enable your body to absorb and utilise the appropriate minerals to use water properly.

Water in the Body

I bet you didn’t know that your blood is 95% water and carries essential nutrients to the cells within your body whilst also removing the waste from those cells. Your brains tissue consists of 85% water and your skin, being the largest human organ, consists of 70% water. When your body isn’t properly hydrated certain elements begin to fail, or work insufficiently. For example, if you are dehydrated the mechanisms that regulate blood pressure will not work properly leading to an increase in blood pressure.

What to Avoid?

You might not want to hear this but tea and coffee are something you may want to avoid or more appropriately ‘drink less of’, to remain hydrated as they can act as a mild diuretic which will encourage you to drink more fluids, more likely tea or coffee creating an ongoing cycle. Additionally, sugary drinks are also a no go as they encourage a mass of unwanted reactions in the body such as sugar spikes!

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