Most Efficient Ways to De-Ice your Car

Most Efficient Ways to De-Ice your Car

The one thing that frustrates many drivers and me personally is getting ready to leave for work to find out that your entire car is frosted over. There are a multitude of ways to get around this and so we aim to provide you with the best and the worst when it comes to de-icing your car.

The Home Remedy

Initially you’ll want to start the car, fans on to de-mist, heat, full blast. Follow up with a quick spray of a simple salt-water solution, (consisting of two parts salt, one part water) either table salt or road salt will suffice, which will enable the salt to dissolve via a chemical reaction rather than with heat as this can potentially cause damage to your windscreen due to exposure of high temperatures. *be careful not to apply this solution to any bodywork to avoid any potential damage.

Failing that, you can always go ahead and produce a solution consisting of Water and Alcohol to melt the ice. Simply add two parts rubbing alcohol and one part water and fill a spray bottle. Again, as this is a chemical reaction which will dissolve the salt quicker than heat, liberal amounts can be applied.

The Tried & Tested

Why not head back to the tried and tested original, de-icer. Simply apply across all affected areas and either using a scraper or the wipers on your vehicle to remove any excess. The only downside to this, is that it can be quite costly, constantly having to purchase more and more de-icer as winter pushes on.

The personal Favourite

My own personal method which seems to eradicate the problem quickly consists of two variants. You can either, purchase a large scraper and with the right technique, proceed to remove the ice in a horizontal motion across all affected areas or fill your kettle and boil for 10-15 seconds ensuring the water is a least Luke warm and NOT boiling! Once applied across all windows this should remove the ice within seconds and has worked for me every time.

Preventative Measures

On those especially cold nights, where a morning frost is probable, taking some preventative measures which may save you some time the following morning never goes a miss. Either purchase a whole car cover or windscreen cover to prevent the car being as exposed to the cold and moisture overnight and by taking it that step further, spray all the likely affected areas with one of the solutions mentioned above before applying your cover.


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