Purified Water - Stay Hydrated

Purified Water - Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

Whilst drinking water is a day to day necessity for us all to remain healthy and hydrated, especially in the warmer weather. Drinking purified filtered water is significantly healthier and in today’s Tutoring Tuesday we aim to tell you why this is the case!


The Last Thing You Want to Hear…

We know our water is safe to drink of course but what are the chances of micro-organisms making their way into our drinking water. A Process known as Ultraviolet purification is used to get rid of these little germs and is done immediately after chlorine has been removed. However, if your storing water and it doesn’t contain chlorine, you won’t want to leave it for too long as you may end up drinking bacteria!

Why Do I Need a Point-Of-Use Filter?

A Point of use water filter is used to remove lead from your water supply before consumption which prevents this substance from potentially causing harm by preventing consumption! Typically, a filter will be changed every 6 months.


Much Needed Minerals

Whilst it’s necessary to filter water to remove all the bad and unwanted bacteria, you don’t want everything to be filtered out! Water is healthy because it is filled with much needed minerals such as magnesium and calcium. So make sure you pick up the right filter and you could be having purified, filtered water on tap!


Whilst Your Here Take A Look At Our Water Cooler Range

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