The Weird and Wonderful.2

The Weird and Wonderful.2

You Won't Believe This!

If your keeping up to date with our weekly blogs you’ll know that last week’s addition was all about Weird and Wonderful Coffee. Well for today’s blog we’ll be showing you a selection of Weird and Wonderful Teas you won’t believe people drink! From all around the world…


Wrestling of Dragon and Tiger


A tea which includes a mixture of a small amount of liquor and black tea. It is said that caffeine and alcohol mixed together is quite unhealthy so it is important you use a larger amount of one and a smaller amount of another. You can use any alcohol but brandy is said to be the best for this type of tea. Make sure you use a small amount of brandy or the alcohol of choice and pour this into the cup first and the boiled tea second.

Garlic Tea

Yes, you heard right, this is abit of a strange one, mainly due to the taste and smell though it is linked to some surprisingly effective health benefits such as weight loss and change in metabolism though there is no direct evidence of this. I don’t think we’ll be trying this one!

Panda Dung Tea

Try not to be phased by the title, this tea is in fact green tea which has been grown using panda dung which is a particularly effective fertiliser and very expensive too! To put it in perspective this tea is being sold at around $3,500 or £2699.78 for 50 grams of tea where the typical tea drinker will use around 3 grams per cup!

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