Why a workplace water dispenser is a great idea

Why a workplace water dispenser is a great idea

As employees around the country are returning to offices and workplaces reopen up, now is a great time to consider the facilities that are available. A water dispenser or cooler can provide some huge benefits to workplaces from helping to keep staff healthy and energised to saving time and being good for the environment.

Here's six reasons why a water dispenser is a great idea for your workplace…

1. Drinking water is good for you

Need we say more? Drinking water is good for you! Current advice is to drink between 6 and 8 cups or glasses of fluid a day. Water and sugar-free drinks like tea and coffee all count towards this. Chilled water from a cooler or hot water from an instant tap or boiler for making tea or coffee are both great options to encourage staff to drink more.

Drinking water has even been shown to improve brain performance, energy levels and concentration.

2. Better tasting water

Filtered water improves the taste of water too. With a number of filtering options, our coolers can deliver better tasting water than normal tap water. This means staff are more likely to drink water and receive all the benefits of staying properly hydrated.

3. It saves time

With options to provide hot water (as well as chilled, ambient and sparkling) there’s no need to wait around for a kettle to boil to get that cup of tea or coffee meaning everyone can get their perfect drink in no time at all.

4. They’re good for the environment

A mains-fed water cooler can reduce plastic waste compared to a more traditional bottled water cooler. Plus, it reduces the need for anyone to buy water in disposable plastic bottles when there is readily available, great tasting water, already in the workplace.

If a plumbed-in water dispenser is not a viable option then bottle-fed coolers can be good for the environment too with bottles made from recycled plastic and options to return and reuse or recycle used bottles.

5. Hassle free installation

Whilst a lot of our machines can be installed by someone competent in DIY, if you don’t want the hassle or would prefer the reassurance of an expert installation then our team can take care of all the plumbing and electrics for you. You’ll also be safe in the knowledge that your installation is compliant with the Water Dispenser & Hydration (WHA) standards.

6. Options to suit every budget

Finally, a new water dispenser doesn’t have to be expensive – with a huge range of options we’re sure to have a machine that fits your budget. We can offer rental as well as outright purchase options plus ongoing servicing and maintenance packages to ensure your machine continues to function exactly as it should, maintains cleanliness and helps it to last for many years.


At Filtered Water Coolers we have a huge range of coolers and dispensers and we’re certain we can help you – whatever your requirements. Our dispensers are available in a variety of combinations of chilled, ambient, hot and sparkling water options. We offer affordable rental and outright purchase options to suit every budget and our installation team can take care of all the plumbing and electrics.

Call our friendly and expert team today on 01827 870 098 and we’ll be happy to help.

Remember, we’ll beat any like-for-like quote with our best price promise and our 100 day money back guarantee gives you total peace of mind on all purchases.

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