Your Coffee Schedule

Your Coffee Schedule

I know that most of you, when just getting into work won’t think twice about what type of coffee you’ll want to drink. Well believe it or not, there are certain coffees which are more suitable than others during certain times of the day, especially the morning!

The Morning Supplement

Morning is one of the most important times of day for all you coffee drinkers…, it is suggested that you drink any one of these three styles of coffees; The Cappuccino, which includes a shot of expresso & Frothed milk. The lactose and fat content in this drink aids with providing energy for the rest of the day and as such is more filling than other coffees. However, it is not advised to drink this after a large meal. The Latte, which is the traditional morning coffee where steamed milk is added to a shot or two of expresso. Ice can also be added to this to be suitable for hot weather!  And Finally, The Macchiato, another typical morning coffee with high milk content which can be frothed or flat, a filling and refreshing drink for the morning stint! The Latter is best served in a tall glass as it shows off the layers of Espresso and milk.


The Mid-Morning Mocha

A typical mid-morning drink made with a shot of expresso which includes hot milk and cocoa powder and if you feel like going the extra mile you may even want to add whipped cream! This delicious beverage goes best with a small snack.



Let's Embrace The Espresso

Still not caught on here in the UK because of it's tiny proportion, the Espresso. A Typical after meal drink to give you that much needed energy boost after consuming a large meal to reduce tiredness. Of course, this coffee does not contain milk so be prepared for a kick! Ideal for afternoons and evenings.

Our Suggestions

Of course, it is entirely down to you whether you follow this guide or not as some may prefer one coffee over another because of the taste and not down to the time it is suitable to drink at, Enjoy!


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