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H2o Hydration Station Contactless Bottle Filler With 12 inch Media Screen & Audio

H2o Hydration Station Contactless Bottle Filler With 12 inch Media Screen & Audio

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H2o Hydration Station is so easy to use and costs very little in comparison all other options with similar features.  The brand new design released with hover touch and new payment options for 2020 and will be perfect for every organisation needing a Professional higher volume water cooler solutions for their team, delivering literally 100 of litres per hours reducing ques and alleviating issues with social distancing and shorter break times wont be an issue anymore as these will fill your bottle in less than 10 seconds!

Doing away with the hassle of single use plastic bottled water provision and management and offers complete hygiene to the use with no contact either during the selection which is hover touch  during selection and free vend or  payment is completely contactless via debit or credit card or mobile phone contactless payment

These super fast coolers from our Professional range are intended for use in large schools, Academies, FE Colleges, Universities,  hotels, bars, work space cafeterias, gyms and any other catering or anywhere where you need high volume hydration and maximum hygiene, and minimising the expense of plumbed in or bottled water coolers in other parts of the premises, reducing your overall expenditure and controlling and minimising maintenance costs and now you can make profit selling juices with margins around 40%.

✔ Reliable
✔ Elegant
✔ Simplicity in mind
✔ High capacity

✔ Triple-Filtered, Pure Water
✔ Premium Juice Concentrates (Sunset Orange & Peach Tea)
✔ No-Touch, Hover Select Buttons
✔ FLUUX Dual Filtration System & UV Filter
✔ Eco-Friendly Bottle Fill – No Single-Use Plastics!
✔ Cashless Payments or Free Vend
✔ Media Screen (for Video Adverts)
✔ Designed and built in Britain

Upgrade your machine with extra features- you can add on juice dispensing with amazing and school compliant 2 flavours  Orange and Peach tea at present and this are in concentrate format, or protein drink format, both are optional at present.

H2O hydration station is fast and simple for the the user and will save time.  Allowing you to avoid hassles of bottled water provision and stock management and in the process improving the efficiency of the service you offer, the Professional coolers are designed and constructed to the highest quality standards and give first-class performance time after time.

All the H20 hydration station range in the range are quality-certified and feature cutting-edge technology that works to ensure that large amounts of chilled, still water can be dispensed without the slightest compromise to the saline and organoleptic properties of the water itself.

The Professional coolers constitute the most effective, hygienic and economical water provision systems on the market – yet another amazing and easy to maintain Drinking Water Solutions.

Dimensions: 825 x 500 x 670mm (h – w – d)

Our H2o Hydration Station Contactless Bottle Filler With 12 inch Media Screen & Audio is available in stock and ready for delivery Next Day (If ordered before midday). If you select our installation service, our install team are always on hand to assist with the plumbing and electrics to make your installation complete and compliant with WHA.

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