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Filtered Water Coolers

Pay As You Go Reactive call outs

Pay As You Go Reactive call outs

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Call out

Price start from £150.00 please call 01827 870098 or email for a quote for your particular unit.

we cover the following items 

  • Instant taps 
  • boilers 
  • coolers
  • Fointain



Our call out maintenance team will attend a call out Monday - Friday excluding bank holidays to carry out assessment of your faulty machine and repair on site.

Our price includes 30 minutes on site and parts are free of charge if your Machine is under manufacturer warranty. 

Call out charge £249.00 excluding parts.


Who is responsible for setting the standards

As the owner of your appliance it is your choice on whether you change your filter, but if you decide not to change it you’ll need to be ready to deal with the consequences. Imagine coming in to work your team sit down and drink a cool glass of water, but once you take a sip, you’ll wish you had spared that money and changed your water filter on time.

How to protect your investment

An unchanged water filter can sometimes produce water with a foul odour or a strange taste. A dirty or clogged water filter can also affect the mechanical actions within your water cooler, such as the dispense solenoid valves. A mains fed water dispenser is a significant investment and really should be treated as such.


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