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Filtered Water Coolers

Water Cooler Service

Water Cooler Service

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Service Plan


Includes our Bi-annual sanitation, Health check, De Scale and Filter change without any extra charge.

Properly maintaining and servicing your Water Cooler is essential to ensuring the cleanliness of the drinking water it provides. Whilst the day-to-day maintenance and cleaning is relatively straight-forward it's easy to forget about other, less frequent but essential, maintenance tasks. Our Water Cooler service contract means you can forget about this and leave all of the hard work to us - including a twice yearly sanitation and filter exchange. We take care of everything for one simple annual payment.

If you don’t clean your water cooler, it potentially will encourage bacterial growth to develop, even though you are using spring or mineral clean water. The bacterial biofilm forms in water coolers can get thick enough you can even see it!  This layer of slime will eventually contain billions of bacteria that can populate the water. Keep bacteria out of your filtered or bottled water.

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Price start from £199.99, please call 01827 870098 or email customercare@filtered-watercoolers for a quote.

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